“I made excuses for about a year because I thought I was too busy to begin coaching. It turns out that when you are the most pressured and busy could likely be the best time to engage in a coaching relationship with Sydney. The coaching experience opened up options or choices that on some level I knew existed but were not available to me given my blind spots. It is very powerful to have a coach who listens deeply to you so you can work your way through the twists and turns of being a leader. I now have more insight and self awareness and more energy. I am a better leader and coach for those I supervise, and a better employee to those that supervise me. I also gained clarity and confidence to make a career move that has opened up new possibilities for me.”

~Carol Nagele-Vitalis
Business Development Director, Hazelden Publishing

“I’ve had a lot of leadership development in the past that didn’t compare to Integral coaching.  I’m much more confident and authentic now and not as swayed by politics.  It’s created greater trust and respect for my leadership.  I’m stepping more fully into my leadership role and my leaders have noticed and rewarded me financially.”

~Kim Zimmerle
Project Leader, Boston Scientific

“Sydney’s knowledge, skill and professionalism as an executive coach, coupled with her genuine care and commitment for me as an executive learner, created a learning experience that will have a life-long impact on my professional and personal life.”

~Len Falter,
Area VP, ComCast

“My coaching experience with Sydney Paredes provided me with tools to more effectively communicate with and coach members of my staff.  I became much better in how I deal with difficult situations and performance issues.  Her help with preparing and practicing information I needed to deliver to senior management helped me to improve both my confidence and credibility as a leader.”

~Susan Portwood
Vice President – Marketing at ComCast

“Sydney has a unique ability as a coach to balance her strong business acumen and understanding of the corporate environment with her compassion for the individual. She helped me design a personal development plan that resulted in increased personal and professional satisfaction.”

~Deborah Rocco,
Mountain Division Director of Learning and Development

“Given a gift from my employer to help develop my skills as an executive with Sydney as my coach. We spent several hours over six months identifying what opportunities I had in my professional development, barriers and triggers impeding my progress, then developing plans to assist me in driving results. A year later, I often reflect on my plans and our discussions to keep my focus on how best to attain our company objectives. With Sydney’s help I am more successful than ever as a leader because of my understanding of internal triggers and the ability to verbalize my direction towards objectives. Anticipating and preparing myself for the challenges and changes that occur everyday has brought an effective balance to my career and personal growth. This experience was a gift. One that will continue to have a lasting impact on my life. Highly recommended to anyone who is willing to work hard and explore opportunities within!”

~Bill Watson,
Director of Field Operations for Comcast Cable Communications, Inc., Jacksonville

“The team session Sydney conducted was fabulous and I can already see a big difference in the group dynamics and effectiveness of our team.”

~Karen Hartzell,
VP – Customer Care, ComCast

“My experience with Sydney as an executive coach was one of the most valuable learning experiences of my career.”

~Renee Kuwahara,
Senior VP, Convergys Customer Management Group