Sydney Paredes is available on a limited basis to speak with groups of executive leaders and emerging leaders on topics relevant to becoming immediately more effective.

Topics can be tailored to your situation and are most effective in groups of 15-20 with 1 to 1.5 hour sessions.  These mini workshop presentations are informative and pragmatic. Leaders can immediately apply what they learn to situations they face every day resulting in real benefits from minimal investment.

Attendees of Sydney’s programs will:

  • Understand the difference between acting from their “center” and reacting from “off-center”
  • Identify specific abilities already within to center themselves
  • Strengthen leadership and communication skills
  • Improve working relationships with direct reports, peers, and clients
  • Increase competence in working collaboratively
  • Enhance effectiveness in problem solving and decision-making
  • Practice leadership authenticity and versatility
  • Develop emotional intelligence

What People Are Saying:

“Sydney Paredes was brilliant in her recent presentation to the Minnesota Coaches Association.  Immediately after introducing her topic she engaged the audience inviting participants to become actively involved in learning.  She was well prepared, knew her material well and was sincere in her delivery.  She kept the presentation lively, combining  practical information with good humor; encouraging input from the audience; effectively incorporating small group discussions and feedback; and large group activity.  She created energy and a memorable platform for learning. When a resource was identified in the room, she welcomed that person’s insights and knowledge, including it fluidly into her presentation. I definitly recommend Syney as a conference or meeting presenter, speaker or discussion facilitator.”
~Bonnie Henriksen, Professional Coach & Facilitator

“It was evident to me that Sydney is a very focused, dynamic and compelling leader in both a large group setting and in smaller groups.  She was able to capture the attention, enthusiasm, and interest of everyone in a meeting of the MN Coaches Association gaining trust and participation where requested.  She makes information accessible through her upbeat presentation style.”
~Susan Hawkins, MCA Member