In a world with a short-term, quick-fix focus, the need for wise and effective leadership has never been greater, both for our leaders and for the people they lead. To survive and thrive in this environment requires maximizing personal effectiveness. All the while maintaining a grounding and balance in life so that the journey is rich, fulfilling and sustainable.

Founded in 2000 by Sydney A. Paredes, Breakthrough Leadership, Inc. provides executive coaching services to both individuals and teams. Our goal is to help our clients identify the barriers that hold them back from reaching their full potential and then help them break through those barriers.


“Who exactly seeks out a coach? Winners who want more out of life.”
~Chicago Tribune

“Many top-tier executives are relying on coaches. A first-rate executive coach can help executives pinpoint blind spots, alter managerial styles, and keep careers on course.”
~Business Week

Once used to bolster troubled staffers, coaching now is part of the standard leadership development training for elite executives and talented up-and-comers at IBM, Motorola, J.P. Morgan, Chase, and Hewlett Packard. These companies are discreetly giving their best prospects what star athletes have long had: a trusted adviser to help reach their goals.

“My work with men and women leaders focuses on helping them relax into their own strengths, feel more comfortable in their own skin, and stay connected to what is most important to them. This reduces suffering! The individual client, their family, their organization and their community all benefit from this. I love being able to contribute to the world in this way.”
~Sydney A. Paredes