Breakthrough Leadership and Sydney A. Paredes, Executive Coach offer individual leadership coaching designed to help your organization’s executive leaders be more effective in their current roles, have a greater impact,  and prepare for their next career step.

Our coaching programs include:

  • Individual Integral® coaching for executive leaders
  • VIP Coaching Retreats for Women Leaders
  • Team coaching with client leader and their team
  • Leadership development custom workshops
  • Group coaching for leaders with similar development goals
  •  Positive Intelligence 7-week “boot camp” with coach as pod leader

All individual and team programs are customized based on the needs and goals of the organization and individual leaders.

We offer a complimentary discovery consultation session with Sydney Paredes, Breakthrough Leadership founder and principle executive coach. Based on your specific goals and focus areas for coaching help, Sydney will help you clarify your development needs and goals and explore which program will best help you realize the outcomes and results you want.

Whether or not you decide to proceed with a Breakthrough Leadership coaching program, this discovery session will be of value to you.  There is no obligation or pressure.