Sydney is founder and principal executive coach of Breakthrough Leadership, a firm which is dedicated to helping leaders and teams identify and break through the barriers that keep them from reaching their full potential.  She has invested the last quarter century in the study and practice of human development.  Sydney has positively impacted the careers of individuals serving in key leadership positions at some of the nation’s “best in class” enterprises.

Coaching Philosophy
Sydney employs a coaching methodology that is solidly grounded in biology, philosophy, and psychology.  She believes human beings are complex, constantly changing, and almost limitless in their potential.  She believes the coaching relationship must be based on mutual respect, mutual trust and mutual freedom of expression, and that both client and coach are constantly learning from each other. She is committed to always leave her clients as long-term excellent performers who can self-correct and self-generate.

Professional Experience
Sydney’s 30-year career in the telecommunications industry included an impressive variety of responsibilities and experience from which she draws in working with her coaching clients.  Her leadership responsibilities included customer care and operations, marketing and sales, labor relations, human resources, training, program management, and leadership and organizational development.  Sydney’s hands-on experience ranges from classroom training to senior management and her coaching clientele represents a broad spectrum of job functions and longevity.

Awards and Associations
During her 30-year corporate career Sydney received numerous awards for leadership and performance, both within the company and from customer groups.  Her board includes Alumni Associations, Financial Institutions and Community Service agencies.  She also dedicates time to help develop coaching skill in others and has been invited to participate on coaching certification review boards in the USA and in South Africa.  Sydney is Past President of the Minnesota Coaches Association.

Educational Background
Sydney earned a BS in business administration from Portland State University, an Executive MBA from the University of Oregon, and an MA in Applied Behavioral Science with a focus on leadership from Bastyr University in Seattle.  She also completed top leader development programs at the Center for Creative Leadership in Boulder, Colorado and is a graduate of the New Ventures West Professional Coaching Course, one of the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) highest ranked coaching schools.  Sydney is a Certified Integral Coach®