Customized Individual Integral® Coaching Programs
for Men and Women Executive Leaders
typically include the following services:


  1. A personal introductory conversation to establish rapport, answer questions, explore personal coaching goals, and assign pre-coaching preparation and self-assessments
  2. A 2-hour information gathering session with the coach to clarify clients current situation, coaching issue, tentative goals, and for the coach to begin assessing the best approach for helping the client meet his or her goals.
  3. Access to the coach throughout the duration of the coaching relationship, including, email, voice mail and conversations for coaching on issues and opportunities as needs arise.
  4. Feedback from the leader’s immediate supervisor including strengths are improvement areas gathered in an interview by the coach.
  5. Additional 360 degree feedback through interviews with peers, direct reports, upper management, clients, and family members.  The coach may also incorporate feedback from 360 instruments used by the client’s organization.
  6. Assessments that will serve the client toward meeting his or her goals.  Assessments often include the leader’s Emotional Intelligence competencies using the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal® and the Riso-Hudson Enneagram personality assessment, and others.
  7. Assistance in setting clear and measurable coaching goals.
  8. A customized Integral coaching program designed by the coach specifically for the leader.  The program will be delivered by the coach in a 1-1.5 hour coaching meeting specifically for this purpose.  The program includes:  Purpose, specific goals/outcomes, self-observation exercises to increase awareness, practices to embody new competencies and behaviors, and additional resources to help the leader reach his or her coaching goals.
  9. Ongoing individual coaching meetings (after the initial program has been delivered) with an experienced executive coach, Executive Coach, typically in months 2-5.   The Coach and leader schedule these and they typically last 1- 2 hours twice monthly.
  10. A follow-up coaching conversation approximately 6 months after coaching ends.
  11. Materials, Books, CDs, DVDs etc. recommended for program completion.

The investment required for a 6-month coaching program generally ranges from $12,000 – $24,000 depending on the depth and breadth of the program, planned coaching sessions, and how much time the coach is scheduled to be on site with the client.