Founded in 2000 by Sydney A. Paredes, Breakthrough Leadership, Inc. provides executive coaching services to both individuals and teams. Our goal is to help our clients identify the barriers that hold them back from reaching their full potential and then help them break through those barriers.

Using Integral Coaching as the core model and branching outward to meet unique achievement goals, Breakthrough Leadership and Sydney A. Paredes, Executive Coach offer individual leadership coaching designed to help your organization’s executive leaders be more effective in their current roles, have a greater impact,  and prepare for their next career step. Some areas of focus include:

  • Executive Coaching and Development
  • High Performance Leadership
  • High Performance Teams
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Operational Excellence
  • Employee Engagement and Resilience
  • Sustainable Leadership and Thinking

“My work with men and women leaders focuses on helping them relax into their own strengths, feel more comfortable in their own skin, and stay connected to what is most important to them. This reduces suffering! The individual client, their family, their organization and their community all benefit from this. I love being able to contribute to the world in this way.”
~Sydney A. Paredes